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关于我们Engineering Cases




SENQIU胜球 ”主要从事工程照明,如现代、水晶、欧式等各类照明灯具的研发、生产与销售。


SENQIU胜球 ”致力于为社会高品位人士打造高雅时尚的家居生活。


Senqiu Lighting Group was established since 1992,with a history of nearly 20 years till now. Senqiu branch is mainly engaged in Lighting Project, such as modern, crystal, European and other various types of lighting R & D,production and sales.

Senqiu adhere to the service concept of customer satisfaction and has become the leading brands of lighting industry with exquisite craft and excellent quality. We use high-grade crystal and metal raw materials, adopt in consummate skills among domestic and foreign, converge the modern fashion design and style. In the source of crystal culture, we endow the our products with culture innovation and artistic charm of nobility, elegance and fashion.

Senqiu is focusing on creating elegant and fashion home life for high quality circles in society.